Locog tube campaign thanks sponsors

Olympic organisers have extended the outdoor marketing campaign thanking all 53 sponsors of the London 2012 Games for their investment to London tube stations, claiming that without the backing from the likes of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s there would be no “moments that last forever.”


The campaign can be seen on Olympic transport routes and throughout the Olympic Park in Stratford.

It reads: ‘There would be no pounding hearts, tears of joy, seconds shaved, dreams made or moments that last forever without”, before listing all the sponsors of this year’s event.

London 2012 organisers will be hoping that the success of the Games helps justify the branding restrictions employed to protect sponsors’ exclusivity rights, which many industry experts believed were the most stringent ever.

Olympic chiefs have continuously rejected claims that the Games were too commercialised, arguing that the protection measures employed, including brand police to crack down on ambush stunts, were necessary to secure the £700m needed to deliver the event.

Locog chief executive Lord Seb Coe told Marketing Week in July that sponsors have “changed the face of East London” with their investments. He added that politicians would not have been able to have this affect on the area had sport not been the catalyst.


Russell Parsons

The heat is on telemarketers

Russell Parsons

Upon visiting parents and in-laws weekend last, it was laid bare to me that the scourge of every man and woman in the UK is not among the usual suspects trotted out by middle market newspapers. No, it is the horror of the unsolicited and definitely unwanted stone cold telephone marketing call.