London Underground abandons XTP plans

London Underground has scrapped plans for a cross-track projection system, called XTP, because its partner in the project, DHJ Media, has gone into liquidation.

Andrew Oldham, joint managing director of Viacom Outdoor, which operates London Underground’s advertising space, says that although the company hopes to be able to rejuvenate the project next year, plans are on hold “indefinitely”. The project, unveiled a year ago, was backed by advertisers such as Virgin Mobile and Beck’s, which planned to use the system to show TV-style ads from next month.

London Underground had planned to roll out 100 screens, following a trial in March. However, the trials have been dogged by escalating equipment costs and technical problems. (MW April 25). London Underground’s original plan was to have 400 XTP screens, generating &£500m in revenue over 12 years.


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