London WC1Camelot: Here is the good news

I was reported in last week’s publication in saying that Camelot was not achieving its target. Can I clarify this – we are not privy to Camelot’s targets for how their business will build up in the early months.

It is aiming to achieve a revenue of ú32bn over the seven-year life of their contract or an average of ú88m in a week.

With sales spread over the first seven weeks running at around ú50m per week Camelot has not yet achieved this average level despite all the launch publicity.

However, they are more than half way to achieving this average with only a quarter of the 40,000 terminals they say are needed to cope with the demand – hence the congestion being experienced at lottery counters at present.

In addition, Camelot has yet to launch its scratch card game. Thus although Camelot has yet to reach its average weekly revenue, there is much development yet to come to boost revenue.

CM Vaughan, Retail analyst, Verdict Research, London WC1


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