Look beyond gamification as a buzzword

While I agree it is probable that not all marketers understand ’gamification’ (NMAlinks.co.uk/ UnderstandGamification), I share Guy Krief’s concerns with the term’s use because I believe it is becoming too much of a buzzword to be taken seriously. It sounds too faddish and temporary.

We find better traction by describing it as ’the game layer’ because it infers adding an additional layer to an existing core product.

Simply put, making people enjoy something more will ensure they invest more time and money into it. It will also ensure true advocacy with genuine referrals based on trust and sharing, rather than for personal reward or disingenuous incentivisation.

Enjoyment is the key attribute underpinning the game layer, and enjoyment is neither new, a buzz-word or a fad; it’s engaging, pretty old and pretty permanent.

Alex Blaney
Creative director
Session Digital


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