Loot backs ITV swap shop series

ITV has signed up Loot, the free-ads paper, to sponsor The Exchange – a cross between Antiques Roadshow and the Eighties Saturday morning show Swap Shop – which launches across the network on Sunday.

As Marketing Week went to press, a meeting was underway to decide whether the exchange service would continue after the series’ initial ten-week run.

The Exchange will link people across the UK to swap goods and services. Participants will be able to exchange anything from a toaster to a holiday and their details will be registered on a database.

The Loot sponsorship is described by Carlton UK Sales sponsorship head David Prosser as representing “a substantial six-figure sum”.

Depending on the outcome of yesterday’s meeting (Tuesday), the paper’s involvement could be extended to cover a year-round exchange service.

“Loot is a new sponsor for a new show which is obviously a good deal for ITV,” says Prosser.


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