Lord Carter’s Digital Britain report hailed as advertising opportunity

Andrew%20HarrisonLord Carter’s interim Digital Britain report has been hailed as an opportunity for brands to expand their reach to audiences by advertisers.

The report, which calls for all UK citizens to have broadband access by 2012, digital radio to be mainstream by 2015 and TV networks to expand their use of new media, has been embraced by leading brands who hope to capitalise on the report’s findings.

David Pugh-Jones, creative strategist at Microsoft Advertising, says: “Improved broadband speeds means that we’ll be able to deliver richer content faster. In turn, demand for more compelling and engaging content will increase. The challenge for us is to help our clients and brands to inspire audiences with more innovative content and campaigns.”

Radio and TV industry bodies also said the report would enhance the presence of brands online, and they wanted to play an active part in this.

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of The Radio-Centre, the industry body for commercial radio, says all three of the industries “will rise to the challenge of providing a clear indus- try plan to drive to digital”.

He adds: “Brands now have bigger platforms to extend out to a broader audience. Advertisers have the breadth of expertise and the right platforms to help brands produce more engaging and compelling content.”

A BBC Trust spokesman adds the broadcaster would look to assist in marketing the new media, should the report’s findings be accepted by the Government. “Digital and broadband technologies hold enormous potential to bring great benefits to audiences and to the economy. We note Lord Carter’s invitation to the BBC to play a leading role through marketing, cross-promotion and provision of content to drive interest in taking up broadband and we look forward to engaging in discussion about this,” the broadcaster says.


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