Lottery sales `need to double’ claim…

National Lottery sales are falling well behind targets agreed with its regulatory body Oflot, according to Verdict Research, one of the UK’s most respected retail specialists.

Camelot will need to double sales of Lottery tickets to meet its target of about 4.6bn income each year, or 90m each week. At present sales are languishing at an average of 52m.

Verdict analyst Clive Vaughan says: "With all the launch publicity, the Lottery has not achieved its targets, and it is still in its honeymoon period. As enthusiasm dies away, sales will have a long way to go."

Other critics say Camelot has been over-optimistic in its sales forecasts, and point out that selling 90m of tickets a week is equivalent to every eligible citizen buying at least two tickets.

Camelot insists sales are on target for the first months, though it refuses to state the targets. It says sales will rise as more outlets go on line to sell tickets. Weekly sales have increased by nearly nine per cent over the first two months.

Also the launch of new games will keep the momentum going, says the operator. An instant win game is planned for the spring, and the company says there could be more games launched.


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