Lottery watchdog will only monitor

I’m sure it was not only ourselves but research companies who read with interest the recent claim that the National Lottery Commission is instigating “a series of confidential research projects” into public perceptions of Camelot and the Lottery (MW February 17).

To put the record straight, can I point out that this is not the case. While we do monitor wider strategic indicators such as brand health and the state of the market more generally, we are not about to embark on a research fest of the epic proportions suggested.

As a good regulator, we monitor these strategic indicators to ensure we have the deepest understanding of the product and can continue to safeguard the Lottery for future generations. We commend Camelot’s efforts to return Lottery sales to growth and this information enables us to assess its performance in this regard.

However, it is also important that we look to the long term and the next licence (which incidentally runs from 2009 not 2010 as stated in the piece).

We are currently discussing with the market the best way to structure this competition to ensure it takes place on a level playing field and I would certainly welcome views on this important area of debate.

Mark Harris

Chief executive

National Lottery Commission

London W1

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