Low-energy bulb giveaway receives strong support

Npower beyond reproach for sending out millions of energy-saving lightbulbs.

Npower faced a backlash after sending millions of low energy lightbulbs to UK households last week but only 28% of respondents to MarketingWeek.co.uk’s latest poll thought the criticism was deserved.

The energy supplier was criticised by the Green Party for using unsolicited mail-outs of the low-energy bulbs to reach its target of cutting household energy use instead of investing in more effective measures.

The poll found that 72% of respondents believed the criticism of npower was undeserved.

The Government ordered energy companies to help consumers cut energy use through loft insulation, or providing energy-saving bulbs. As of this month, similar unsolicited mail-outs of the lightbulbs have been banned.

Utilities companies have been making a concerted effort to promote their green credentials with new tariffs, services and marketing campaigns.
E.on launched a campaign with England goalkeeper David James last week to use its sponsorship of the FA Cup to encourage households to reduce their energy use.

In the same week, the latest phase of EDF Energy’s “It’s not easy being green” campaign was launched with a Superman-themed TV ad using a montage of recycled clips from the Superman TV and film series to promote the brand’s Eco 20:20 tariff.

British Gas introduced its monthly billing system at the end of last year, which it said would put an end to estimated bills and help customers control their energy use.



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