Lower fat doughnut in shops from next week

The first lower fat doughnut will be on sale next week after four years’ development. Manufacturer Demon Donuts claims the product is significantly lower in fat than normal doughnuts because it is baked rather than deep fried.

The company, based in north London, has patented a method of oven cooking the doughnuts using a yeast that gives the same texture as the deep-fried version but without the high levels of fat and saturated fat and, the company says, with fewer calories.

Information provided by Demon Donuts shows that a 74 gram Demon Donuts Baked Berry Filled doughnut has 7.5 grams of fat compared with 16 grams of fat in a similar sized fruit filled fried doughnut. It also has less saturated fat at 1.8 grams compared to 4 grams in a fried version.

Demon Donuts is the first range of branded doughnuts to be launched in supermarkets rather than sold in branded outlets. They will be available in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. The launch will be supported by point of sale material and a sampling campaign.

The company has been set up by a number of former Dunkin’ Donuts staff, who left in 1997 to form a company called Donuts & Co, supplying premium quality doughnuts to the retail trade.

The team has worked with retailers to develop a doughnut that conforms to consumer demands for healthier products.

The doughnut category has been boosted over the past year with the launch of Cadbury-branded Dipping Doughnuts, made by food manufacture Kitchen Range (MW July 3, 2003), and the launch of the American brand, Krispy Kreme last autumn.



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