Loyalty and relationship marketing

Award 12 Loyalty and Customer

Winning brand: Spirit Pub Company and Celerity

Title: Using personalisation, loyalty and mobile relationship marketing to grow guest lifetime value in Fayre & Square

Spirit Pub Company has over 750 managed pubs across seven brands in the UK, including Fayre & Square, and digital transformation is key to satisfying growing consumer needs and staying ahead of competitors. As such, it wanted to tailor its guest communications and broaden the number of touchpoints with its customers, with the aims of increasing frequency and value of visits as well as customer retention and reactivation.

Since partnering with Celerity with limited insight into guests in 2012, Spirit has launched a CRM programme to integrate automated marketing with a single customer view, generating tailored offers to newly identified segments. There has been a move into mobile with a loyalty app and SMS messages, all integrated with Spirit’s EPOS system. Judges said the project “demonstrates how traditional industry sectors can transform business performance through embracing data-driven digital CRM”.

Highly commended: The Guardian


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