Loyalty has benefits

Antony Jones makes a valid point when he says/ “Just adding a loyalty programme does not actually achieve loyalty.” It is true that most shoppers use these schemes to access offers they would otherwise be excluded from, but this isn’t loyalty.

Content: Customer magazines

To have dedicated followers you must build stronger emotional ties. This is achieved by providing relevant, useful information in an entertaining way that builds conversations with your customers to makes them feel involved with, and ultimately closer to, the brand.

Research shows that readers of customer magazines are increasingly loyal to the brand – they buy more, more often and are less likely to churn. This is because customer magazines, and editorial content in any channel, encapsulates the personality of a brand and engages consumers for far longer than any advertising campaign or loyalty scheme.

So, if a brand truly wants to build loyalty, marketers must provide customers with real benefits – value-driven entertaining content where and when they want it.

Keith Grainger, CEO, Redwood


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Marketing Week

Mark Ritson’s latest column argued for encouraging greater use of a product rather than launching new products and used the films Twilight and Inception as examples. Find the column at www.marketingweek.co.uk/ Markritsontwilight

Talent gains due recognition

Marketing Week

On behalf of the Marketing Academy, we are delighted to announce that Sherilyn Shackell has been shortlisted by the Women in Marketing Awards as the New Female Marketer of the Year 2010.


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