Lucozade ads banned for ‘water’ line

An M&C Saatchi ad for Lucozade has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for likening the product to water.

The television and poster campaign featuring the tagline “The Fitness Water”, triggered a complaint from rival drinks company C&C, which argues that the use of the term water implies that the product is an unprocessed drink without calories.

Lucozade says that many flavoured mineral water-based drinks contain similar calorie and carbohydrate levels to Lucozade, and that other energy drinks have a higher content of both calories and carbohydrates.

Although the ASA has ruled that the drink is not a high-calorie product, it does agree that the ads give the impression that the drink contains no additives or calories, and say that the advertisements must be modified.

vComplaints have been upheld against three ads for mobile ringtones, created by agency Lorena Medienagentur . There were 22 complaints that the advertisements did not make it clear that sending a text to the number advertised would result in a subscription to a service costing &£3 a week.

Lorena Medienagentur says that the ads make it clear that people are joining a subscription service and that the necessary information is provided in written form. But the ASA has upheld the complaints relating to all three executions and has asked the advertiser to amend the ads.


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