Lucozade brings relief to cyber perverts with Lara Croft exposé

Cyber perverts bitterly disappointed when Tomb Raider pin-up Lara Croft was forced to cover-up in Playboy magazine, need mourn no more. Naked Lara is back, courtesy of SmithKline Beecham.

The model who acted as the real-life Lara for a year, Nell McAndrew, stripped for Playboy but Core Design – owner of the Tomb Raider trademark – feared Lara’s “squeaky-clean image” would be tarnished. A High Court judge agreed and ordered Playboy to blank out the Lara name and Tomb Raider logo.

But the new Lucozade Website has generated 2.5 million hits per month thanks to The Lara Croft Gallery which shows Lara “as she sheds her combat gear in favour of something more comfortable”.

When Lucozade made Lara its official “Energy” brand spokeswoman earlier this year it was obviously not thinking of energy spent on the sportsfield.


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