Lucozade puts its £10m advertising business up for pitch

GlaxoSmithKline’s flagship drinks brand Lucozade has put its estimated £10m advertising business up for pitch. It has invited roster agencies M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy to pitch for the business.

M&C Saatchi was handed the £5m Lucozade advertising business in the UK four years ago. The decision saw Ogilvy, the incumbent on the business at the time, removed from Lucozade’s roster in the UK. However the agency continued to run the business in Ireland.

It is not known if GSK has asked outside agencies to pitch for the account.

M&C Saatchi handles all of Lucozade’s drinks businessin the UK, including the £4m Hydro Active and Sport brands.

The appointment of M&C Saatchi at the time marked a move by the pharmaceutical giant to help rejuvenate the Lucozade brand by bringing all of the business under one roof and developing a single overarching idea.

One of the most recent Lucozade campaigns includes a TV spot directed by Tony Kaye promoting the evolution of both the brand and sporting events over time. The ad, created by M&C Saatchi, opened on shots of Tour de France cyclists as they reach the finish line. Using composite shots from different eras, and the viewer are shown a number of championship cyclists from years such as 1923, 1964 and up to the present day, racing against one another.

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