Löwenbrägoes down a treat

Advertisers often target niche markets, and lager brand Löwenbräis no exception.

Advertisers often target niche markets, and lager brand Löwenbräis no exception.

The brewer, well known for its titillating ads, is this month advertising on the back cover of The Erotic Review, a publication not known for its subtlety or its lack of dirty pictures. Headlines such as “Frog’s Porn” or “Blinkie’s Knickers” would drive the Diary to hide those back issues when the parents come to visit. If, that is, the Diary had any back issues. Ahem.

Even more intriguing is why Löwenbräu, a German brewer, chose to advertise in The Erotic Review’s Paris issue.

The ad, reproduced here for your condemnation, shows a brewer holding a spade handle that looks suspiciously like an erect penis. And, if you’re an Erotic Review reader, that’s all you can really ask for.


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