Lycos launches user-generated X-Factor website, the online portal, is launching a website of user-generated content with Freemantle Media and talkbackTHAMES as part of its campaign to support ITV1’s The X-Factor.

The campaign, which will launch on the official forum, Fan Central, will encourage fans to upload their own performances and the X-Factor team will choose the ten most entertaining clips, which will then be shown on the main website. Fans will be encouraged to vote for their favourite clips.

After six weeks, the weekly winners will be entered into a final round and an overall winner will be chosen by popular vote. Prizes will be awarded to the best clips submitted.

Lycos Chat will host live online chats with evictees from the show, which will be filmed for use on The Xtra Factor – The Aftermath on ITV2.

Lycos UK managing director Jeffrey Lee says: “This enables X-Factor fans to get even more involved in the show and with each other. By allowing everyone to upload their clips and have them judged by fellow fans, we are creating a new way to involve the show’s viewers. Anyone can get involved and show off their talents to friends and fans alike.”