Lygo’s got a case of the NYPD Blues

Was that a misprint in your leader about Channel 4 when it referred to Kevin Lygo’s “deft” programme skills? Daft, would be more like it.

E-mail address for letters: Please include your home or business addressIsn’t he the man who bought the hit US series NYPD Blue, forgot about it for 18 months, and then finally showed it at 12.30am on a Friday morning, with the series finale an amazing 1am?

His misprogramming of this innovative show has soured my attitude to the whole of C4’s output, and if I want to watch Friends or Sex and the City I will watch both on another channel. Not so with the hidden NYPD Blue, current series unavailable anywhere else.

If I were producer Steven Bochco I would refuse to sell another series to these people who don’t recognise quality even after they have bought it.

John Howard

Leigh on Sea



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