Macmillan overhauls brand messaging

Macmillan Cancer Support is launching a three month brand campaign to get the public to reappraise the charity’s role and range of services.


The organisation says it wants people to realise that it is about more than nursing and end of life care, and offers support at “every stage of their cancer journey” such as advice on financial help, nursing care and an online community for sufferers and their friends and families.

The “Every step of the way” campaign launches today (15 August) and will run until the end of October across TV, press, outdoor, DM and digital.

It will replaces the “Good Day Bad Day” brand activity that the brand has run since 2009.

Carly Burton, brand manager at Macmillan, says that the “every step” campaign has been designed so that the charity can “integrate communications at a deeper level” and help communicate it’s practical, medical and emotional support services in an “issue led” way.

She adds that the charity has previously targeted people living with cancer but that it now wants to broaden its messaging to help a wider audience understand the importance of its services.

Macmillan is also preparing to relaunch its online community in September to better service its users.



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