Macromarketing, misbrand and unmarketable: Collins Dictionary embraces adspeak

The phrases that might have been bandied around in your meetings are finally set to make it into the wider lexicon.

Marketing terms are making it into the wider lexicon
Marketing terms are making it into the wider lexicon

The Collins Dictionary is including more marketing and branding terms than ever before. Due out today (23 October), the new edition includes phrases such as macromarketing, misbrand and unmarketable.

New “buzzwords” such as click fraud and content curation have also made it in, while “adorkable” becomes the first word to be voted into a dictionary by Twitter users.

Not sure what that means? The descriptions says: “to be socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way”.

Collins claims that this edition, its 12th, is the largest single-volume English dictionary in print. More than 50,000 new words have been added, taking the total to 772,000.

The full list of marketing words entering the dictionary

Adspeak the kind of language or jargon used in advertising or in advertisements
After-sales relating to anything happening after something is sold
Eyeballs viewers of a television programme or website, esp seen as potential customers, advertisers, etc
Incentivization the act or process of providing incentives to make something more attractive
Macromarketing marketing concerning all marketing as a whole, marketing systems, and the mutual effect that society and marketing systems have on each other
Merch merchandise
Misbrand to brand or label incorrectly or misleadingly
Mummy porn a genre of erotic fiction designed to appeal to women
Rebranding the process of giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more attractive or successful
Roll-out a presentation to the public of a new aircraft, product, etc; a launch
Shelftalker a promotional sign used by a retailer to draw attention to a featured product on the shelf
Submarket a specialized market within a larger market
Supersaver something offered at a much-reduced price
Unmarketable not capable of being promoted for sale



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