Magners man has a beard of bees


Magners is launching a TV ad featuring a beard of bees and a strong-man to push new variant Golden Draught as part of its ’There’s Method in the Magners’ campaign.

The TV spots created by The Red Brick Road launch today (April 16) and are designed to show the unusual lengths Magners’ employees go to make it “taste so good”.


The 40-second ’Bees’ TV spot centres around Magners’ beekeeper Eamonn, whose bees pollinate 17 varieties of apple that give Magners its “unique taste”. Eamonn goes to unusual lengths to keep an eye on his bees – by wearing them as a beard in the ad.

A ’Strongman’ TV ad focuses on giant man Tommy Flynn who is the only person that can get the juice from the tough Dabinett apples that give Magners Golden Draught “its perfect draught taste”.

Magners head of marketing Kirsty Hunter says: “We think the creative behind each campaign will really connect with our audience whilst communicating the care and craft that goes into making Magners. Bees and strong men aren’t necessarily the first thing you’d associate with cider, but that’s the method in the Magners.”

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