Magnum launches two new flavours as it looks to become ‘top indulgent treat’

Unilever-owned Magnum is launching a new campaign promoting two new flavours, Pink Raspberry and Black Espresso, as part of the “biggest year” for the brand as it looks to become the “number one indulgent treat of choice”.

The £13m campaign is an effort to “encourage trial and drive talkability” of the brand’s new flavours. It will kick off on 9 April with a TV advert that highlights how Magnum’s variants cater to “the different sides of consumers’ personalities” by showcasing “Playful Pink” and “Sophisticated Black” alongside the tagline “Magnum for pleasure seekers”.

“None of us are the same person all the time and we have different sides to our personalities and moods,” Nicola Rolfe, brand manager for Magnum at Unilever UK, told Marketing Week.

“We want to get people talking about the concepts of a pink or black mood and how it affects their lives and how they pick between ice creams.”

She also said the tagline reflects what the brand stands for by inviting consumers, who are predominantly 18-35 female according to Rolfe, to “take a moment out of their day to have a moment of pleasure”.

The campaign replicates the brand’s increase in 2014 marketing investment, something it plans to continue as it looks to retain its place as the UK’s top ice cream brand, with £149m in sales as of January according to Nielsen data cited by the brand.

“At the moment we’re the number one ice cream brand, but we want to make Magnum the number one indulgent treat of choice,” said Rolfe.

The brand hopes to do this by making 2015 “the biggest year for Magnum” through pushing more of its investment behind new product and innovation, “bringing something new to the market and driving awareness to increase sales”, according to Rolfe.

She adds that innovation is “hugely” important in the ice cream market and is the driver of growth every summer.

“At the moment our consumers wait and expect us to do something different each year,” she says, adding that last year the brand launched Magnum’s Champagne variant.

“We had launched Pink and Black in different markets around the world and people were asking for it on social media, so it felt like a great time to bring it to the UK.”

The campaign will be supported by digital and social media to drive word of mouth around the brand and its new flavours, according to Rolfe, who says the brand has put more spend behind VOD this year to “make sure we have the right balance for the audience”.

It will also involve PR and outdoor activity, including the launch of five pink and black vinyl-wrapped Routemaster buses in central London for the next three months.



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