Maiden and TDI plan advertising initiatives for the transport sector

Maiden Transport and TDI are investing in new products for the transport advertising market.

Maiden has negotiated a ten-year extension to its Railtrack concession but solely for a secret new advertising product that will be unveiled in the next few months.

Maiden told potential investors at the launch of its flotation prospectus last week that it planned to invest in products linked to getting extensions of its Railtrack concession be-yond the December 1998 deadline.

Chief executive Ron Zeghibe says he does not believe Maiden will have to fight a bidding war with rivals, More O’Ferrall or Mills & Allen, for the next concession.

Poster buyers believe the new product could be six-sheets that contain three rotating posters, or telephone lines to supply information to liquid crystal displays (LCD) on poster sites in railway stations.

TDI, the company which runs the London Underground advertising concession, is awaiting London Transport safety approval for posters with LCD displays.

The panels will be connected to TDI via ISDN lines and modems, that update on-screen information. TDI has been approached by Reuters, which wishes to use screens to supply financial information as part of a sponsorship programme of Underground stations in the City (MW March 15).


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