Maiden unveils money-back offer to boost outdoor sales

Maiden Outdoor is launching a money-back guarantee offer, called “What you get is what you pay for”, to encourage advertisers to the outdoor medium during the summer.

The company is offering two types of 48-sheet national packages called “power packs”. The 3,000 panels in the packages are mostly from its roadside portfolio, but will also incorporate some from its railway franchise.

The sites are being offered over four weeks in July and August, traditionally a quiet time of year for bookings of outdoor advertising.

Maiden claims the packages will be sold on the basis that advertisers will only pay the agreed price for the products as long as their objectives for awareness of the campaign have been achieved. This will be measured by research carried out by RSL.

Maiden has made a similar offer on its supermarket point-of-sale six-sheet posters for the past two summers. It offered money back if advertisers’ sales did not increase.

Maiden Outdoor managing director David Pugh says: “In this case we can’t prove an increase in sales, but will be able to prove awareness of a campaign.”

Maiden has announced the offer to coincide with the Outdoor Advertising Association’s annual conference, which takes place this week in Barcelona.


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