Major marketing reshuffle at Take-Two

Games maker Take-Two, which sells controversial computer games such as Grand Theft Auto, has started an overhaul of its UK and European marketing teams.

Marketing and sales director Serhad Koro has been promoted to managing director for the company in the UK. He takes over leadership of the company’s UK operations from Gary Lewis, who has been promoted to the position of global chief operating officer in Take-Two’s New York office.

Koro’s role has been divided into separate marketing and sales positions. Marketing manager Tina Hicks will become responsible for the company’s marketing team in the UK, although she will not immediately change her job title. Meanwhile, Mark Spencer has been recruited as sales director.

Vice-president of European marketing Christophe Hartmann has been promoted to senior vice-president for publishing in New York. A replacement for Hartmann has not yet been announced.

Hicks says the company is going through a transition. At a global level, Take-Two’s chief executive Jeffrey Lapin has stepped down. Executive chairman Richard Roedel will hold his duties in the interim, while Paul Eibeler has been appointed president.

Take-Two is one of the world’s leading computer games companies, with major titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Mafia and Max Payne. The company handles the advertising for its titles in house. Media is handled by MJ Media.


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