Major names sign up to whatsmybrand site

Waitrose, Cadbury and Domino’s Pizza have joined the likes of Hovis, Quorn and Jordans on new personal shopper website

The site, which launched in “beta” trial form a month ago, is designed to be an intelligent “A-Z”, allowing searches for food and drink based on type, then specific preferences, such as “vegetarian”, “organic” or avoiding certain ingredients, such as gluten.

Ian Duncan, managing director of the company, says the service will mean brand owners, who pay a fee to be included, will be able to connect with the growing number of people demanding products that suit their dietary requirements.

“ is a like a personal shopper, in that it can help consumers cut through the clutter of the products they don’t want, to find the products they do,” he says. accommodates preferences relating to allergens, nutrition and farming methods. It intends to introduce personal care and household products in the future. The site hopes to cover about 3,000 products by the time the final version launches in May.


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