Make sense of brand promise

So, according to the Promise Index, (MW last week) marketers are starting to realise that big advertising spend, when you haven’t got the basics right, is a waste of money. In fact it’s worse than that. If the consumer experience isn’t consistent with the brand promise, it doesn’t just waste money – it fundamentally damages the brand.

If the key to building a great brand is a great customer experience, then we need to understand what lies behind that experience and how this affects both our conscious and nonconscious brain. Experience is based on the sensory signals we receive around a product, its packaging and the communications. We therefore need to take a holistic approach to product experience.

If major brands diverted just 5% of their above-the-line spend into getting the basic sensory experience right, they would find themselves in the top ten of the Brand Promise index.

Simon Harrop
CEO, Brand Sense agency


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