Making data governance tangible

Recognising the asset value of the single customer view is one hurdle to putting in place a comprehensive data governance strategy (“Exposing your assets”, April 2009). But the task is made even more difficult by the need to create and implement it across an entire organisation; not just in the marketing.

Data governance needs to be a board level issue. The struggle is made more difficult because of the historical view many board directors have of customer data – yes it’s useful, but it should be kept in the marketing department where it belongs.

But perhaps the advent of the internet and digital channels, and is helping data to become a much more board and company-friendly resource. The tangible application and benefits of data can be powerful and persuasive tools in convincing the board that data governance needs to be dealt with efficiently, effectively and within every department.

Richard Greenhalgh
Managing director, EHS Brann Discovery


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