Mamas and Papas to offer expert baby advice

Baby wear retailer Mamas and Papas is seeking to position itself as a hub for expert parenting advice as it looks to improve the services it offers customers alongside its product range.


It is partnering with parenting advice service Greatvine to offer expert advice on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting via its website.

Greatvine offers a live advice service that allows parents to speak directly to specialists including midwives, psychologists and nutritionists by phone, or send in an email question that will be answered within 24 hours.

It will also include specialist editorial content such as Q&A features and video advice on the Mamas and Papas website.

Rob Jennings, e-commerce director for the retailer, says it is adding the service because the “battleground” for retailers in the next 10 years is going to be services that add value for customers.

The initiative is also a way for Mamas and Papas to extend its relationship with existing customers and reach potential customers earlier, according to Jennings, as new parents that use the site as a source of information will be more likely to buy products.

He adds that the retailer is not aiming to directly take on existing parenting sites such as Netmums, Mumsnet and the Bounty parenting club.

Mamas and Papas may later add a forum element to its advice service so that customers can talk to other customers, but initially it will only offer expert advice.

Mamas and Papas is also preparing to introduce a click and collect service to all its stores, it is ramping up its use of mobile channels and improving its CRM database so that it can offer more tailored packages.



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