Manchester United appoints Finch for membership drive

Manchester United Football Club has commissioned Liverpool-based integrated agency Finch to develop a promotional campaign for the club’s official membership scheme, One United.

The concept will be used to encourage member renewal and acquisition and Finch was tasked with devising a more emotional proposition to highlight the benefits of being an official club member. David Johnson, Manchester United membership marketing manager says, “ Each season we develop a new platform to promote One United which has largely been based around the benefits it offers, primarily ticket access. But the scheme needs to evolve in order to encourage a new level of acquisition from fans and also drive renewals through maximizing the benefits.

“To do this we need to begin re-positioning One United and reach fans who want to make their commitment to the club official” The scheme will open in June 2009 with an above the line campaign planned at the start of the 2009/2010 season.

Manchester United plays the second leg of the European Champions League semi-final battle against Arsenal next Tuesday (May 5).

Player Rio Ferdinand has just launched a digital lifestyle magazine called #5.


BSkyB creates sports marketing role

Marketing Week

In a second appointment, Corin Dimopoulos, whose current role spans both Sky Sports and Sky News, has been promoted into a brand new role, director of cycling, created solely to direct and support Skys ongoing commitment to British Cycling.

Improving loyalty in a down-turn

Steve Barr, Head of customer insight and planning, Acquity

Focus on your best customers is something I hear a lot and especially so when times are hard. The mantra moves from acquisition is everything to retention is all. Typically, someone notices that key metrics – net new customers, cost per sale, etc – are deteriorating. While the acquisition process hasn’t changed, the quantity or […]


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