Watch Mark Ritson’s webinar on marketing during the coronavirus crisis

Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson provides practical advice on how to prevail in the time of Covid-19 in this webinar.

Marketing Week columnist and Mini MBA founder Mark Ritson recently took part in a webinar to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on marketing. If you missed it, you can listen again here.

The webinar features Ritson discussing the economic impact of the outbreak and how marketers need to adapt their approach and work smarter.

He also looks at some of the brands that have adapted well to the situation, as well as those that haven’t. Plus provides practical advice on how to prevail and even find opportunities to make an impact in the time of Covid-19.

Ritson’s most recent columns have included a look at how the coronavirus is actually great news for Corona beer (but bad news for Burger King), how effective marketing can play its part in keeping the wheels of industry turning during the crisis and about how it’s time for marketers to get on with having real impact.

The webinar is part of The Lowdown, a new series of regular updates from Marketing Week’s parent company Xeim bringing insight from thought leaders in marketing and beyond on tackling the challenges of the coronavirus crisis. To find out what is coming up next, visit here:

the lowdown on coronavirus and marketing



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