Secrets for becoming a better presenter

Jo Roberts

Whether it’s honing a brand message, delivering marketing results to the board or a public speaking task, presentation skills are a valuable skill for marketers. Marketers who have mastered the art give us their top techniques.


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  1. DissidentBiz 12 Nov 2014

    Once again Mark Ritson bursts the bubble of social media hyperbole. It does play an increasing role within the marketing mix, but is far from being the magic bullet.

  2. eddiemay 12 Nov 2014

    I think it comes down to understanding what the objective is from any social activity and its role within the wider mix, rather than saying that social per se is better or worse than other forms of media. Also, what do we classify as social these days? As far as brands are concerned, Facebook is effectively now a paid medium, not a social one, and others will follow suit as they look to monetise their users.

  3. Jacqueline Howe 18 Nov 2014

    Completely agree – as marketers we already struggle with being seen as creating ‘fluff’. Without proper objectives, a strategy, a plan and measurement, we can get lost in the plethora of social media ‘buzz’ without delivering value to the business or to the end consumer.

  4. Nicki Robbins 23 Nov 2014

    Mark, I have to say that I completely agree with you here.
    While social media marketing is a great platform for companies to use in order
    to reach their customers, I feel that other forms of media are definitely being
    overlooked. As a consumer who both watches tv and listens to the radio, I view
    and hear ads on a daily basis that influence how my dollars are spent…and I
    know that I am not alone in this. I know that the cost of marketing on Facebook
    and Instagram is minimal compared to an ad spot during primetime tv, I also
    know that a good portion of people (especially those of the older generations,
    who don’t use Twitter) wouldn’t be reached otherwise. And after reading the
    numbers of social media viewers that ACTUALLY end up becoming customers, it
    reaffirms my opinion that companies need to continue diversifying their
    marketing strategies to include multiple platforms. While more and more brands
    are dedicating large portions of their advertising energy in the direction of
    status updates and Tweets, I’m really glad to see that you’ve decided to take
    on this controversial topic and risk being “impaled” by your audience. Social
    media is effective, there’s no question but it is most definitely NOT the end
    all, be all. I hope that you escaped the land down under unscathed so that you
    can continue sharing your innovative and entertaining opinions on the marketing

  5. This is an excellent post and just goes to illustrate how times have changed and the importance of social media from a business and marketing perspective. It is exceptionally time consuming keeping on top of social media with so many avenues out there and at times it can become very frustrating and you can certainly feel like you are swamped with things to do in relation to the opportunity it can potentially bring. However, it is a part of our lives now and I think an essential part of marketing. Gopromotional

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