Mark Ritson on the shit that does and doesn’t matter in marketing

Our award-winning columnist on why brand purpose, ‘tech porn’ and the ‘death’ of traditional media don’t matter, and strategy still does.

Mark Ritson was on stage at Marketing Week Live to discuss what does and doesn’t matter in the marketing world.

He kicked off proceedings by highlighting what doesn’t, and how marketing can “get out of this place we’ve got ourselves into”.

Ritson explained why ‘tech porn’, everything being labelled ‘dead’ and ‘brand purpose bingo’, are some of the things that don’t matter and are simply distracting marketers from doing their jobs.

“If you study the history of marketing for more than three seconds you’ll realise our history is not filled with death, it’s filled with evolution and change. Death rarely happens in the media or in marketing,” Ritson added.

And on what does matter, Ritson outlined why being able to develop a good strategy is still key for marketers.

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