Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail talks brands

On 29 September 2010, The Annual from Marketing Week will lay out smart thinking, smart working and smart engagement strategies for businesses. Mark Thomson, media director at Royal Mail, is set to attend the event and here explains which brands impress him:

smartworking: Apple Macbook
As an example of intuitive functionality, the Apple Macbook and the finger swipe mouse are brilliant to use. I miss them when I am using other technology.

smartthinking: Bang & Olufsen
I love great design and Bang & Olufsen produces beautiful speakers that are subtle yet elegant and have a sound to die for.

smartengagement: Rolls-Royce
I love how ideas can be simple but genius. One that knocked me out recently was a Rolls-Royce direct mail campaign on the finest grade special “sandpaper” that they use to give your Roller its final polish before it arrives. The letter was written on the material that they use. A tactile and entertaining moment.

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