Market Force white paper: better together — integrating customer satisfaction survey and mystery shopping data

As the on-site experience becomes more and more of a differentiator and consumers become increasingly demanding, forward-thinking companies seek to provide the perfect customer experience — not just to attract and retain customers, but also to generate a measurable financial return.

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Many companies assume that by providing customers with an all-around positive experience, financial metrics such as market share, average basket or ticket size and same store sales will naturally increase. This, however, is both difficult to prove and a risky assumption in a world driven by finicky consumers. Worse, managers tasked with making measurable improvements often don’t know what to change in order to improve customer experience. Should they invest in employee training to encourage friendly service? Better product quality? More cashiers or staff to reduce wait time? What specific performance adjustments will create the perfect customer experience, larger sales numbers and ultimately the maximum financial return?

Many factors affect the customer experience, including price, location, product availability, appearance and competitive offerings. Market Force Information specialises in measuring the last three feet of the sale — the on-site experience that drives loyalty, POP decisions and brand equity. This requires two very different and very complementary data streams: direct customer feedback data obtained from real customers and operational behaviour data collected by mystery shoppers…

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