Market research viewpoints October 2007

Insights from leading experts on market research. Marketing Week presents eight viewpoint by some of the industry’s most experienced actor.


Simon Lidington: The Market Research Society
The development of complex consumer insight tools has left many market research teams isolated and disconnected

Charlotte Cornish: FDS International
Despite all the talk within the industry about engaging respondents in the research industry, is anyone really ‘walking the walk’?

Ronnie McBryde and Anthony Tasgal: Mintel
In the Wiki World we now live in, traditional market research methods are not the only way to generate and share meaning

Jeremy Brown: Sense Worldwide
Having experimented with social networking sites, brands are developing co-created networks to interact with consumers

Pete Cape: Survey Sampling International
With response rates diminishing, what can market researchers do to entice people to get involved when the old ways don’t work?

Lee Powney and Frank Smadja: Toluna
The benefits of Web 2.0 for online panellists and the importance of the panel community for the creation of their own research

Rosemary Bayman: TNS
Customer service has its roots in the fabric of a company, so we must dig deep when things go wrong – and be prepared to act

Dr Andy Brown: YouGov
The war for talent and the battle to keep staff training up to date are two of the greatest challenges facing market research




Ruth Mortimer: Dont be taken in by business gurus

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that good girls love bad boys. But dodgy relationships aren’t confined to your teenage years. Even in later life we sometimes fall for the smooth talk and forget to engage our bullshit detector. And not only in our personal lives: it also happens in our business dealings too. Perhaps […]


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