Marketect sends his regards to Broads

The Diary’s e-mail inbox is littered with unwholesome missives offering trouser-busting titillation and the secrets of spectacular swordsmanship, but rarely do these come from as respected a source as Alan “Brand” Williamson, aka The Marketect, and a firm Diary favourite.

However, there nestling amid the Viagra ads was a message from his Brandopia website entitled “Battle of the Broads”. Fortunately The Marketect had not headed off in an unusually niche direction, but was rather analysing East Anglia’s tourist marketing prospects on his destination branding site.

To see his views on the Ipswich-Norwich rivalry and how it affects the Broads as a destination, visit http://


MSN launches film review show online

Marketing Week

MSN is rolling out a movie review programme as part of the launch of a new film channel on the portal. The channel, MSN Movies, was launched earlier this week, offering reviews of cinema releases and new DVDs, along with interviews, exclusive clips, over 3,000 trailers and a database of film information. The programme will […]

Guaber repackages BioRepair toothpaste

Marketing Week

Italian household and personal care company Guaber is writing to consumers in an effort to address scepticism over the health benefits of its BioRepair toothpaste. The toothpaste, which was launched in March in the UK, claims to repair tooth enamel in a similar way to dental professionals, but research has found that consumers are confused […]


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