Marketer 2 marketer: Forever 21

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Julie Lavington, publishing director at Look Magazine, asks: How many stores do you expect to have in the UK in the next two years?

Larry Meyer: Forever 21 is tentatively planning to open five stores in the UK and a further two stores in Europe before 2013.

Donna Howitt, marketing director at Liverpool One shopping centre, asks: You are making a significant investment in the UK; why do you feel confident in this market?

Linda Chang: We have always known that the UK is an important market, with fast fashion basically having been born here. So for us to be a competitive retailer, we have to have a presence here. It has always been on our mind and the timing is because of the real estate opportunities that have come up.



Digital marketing complaints top 5k

Russell Parsons

The Advertising Standards Authority received 5,531 complaints about brands’ online marketing communications in the seven months since its remit was extended to cover the area – higher than expected.