marketer2marketer: Spotify’s Chris Maples and EMI’s Andria Vidler

chris maples

Chris Maples, vice-president of Europe at Spotify, asks: Many acts are now multi-talented content creators. What’s next after films, clothing and headphones?

Andria Vidler: Artists have always been multi-talented. Nick Mason in Pink Floyd is an immensely creative man and doesn’t just think within the bounds of music, he has a huge number of ideas that span different areas. David Bowie is another example.

So I don’t think it’s anything new. I believe artists develop their own vision and ambition for what they want to represent.

For some artists that may be a technological development like headphones and for some it is about sticking to the core of what they love which is making music. There isn’t one size and one trend. The fit with the brand will always be vital for artists.



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