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Thomas Schultz-Jagow, director of communications at Oxfam, asks: You have decided to prioritise brand-building over focusing on the ethical cause which has previously been clearly associated with One. In the eyes of the uninformed consumer, does that not make One products just like any other?”

Ashley Stockwell (AS): Research shows that consumers who want to do more to help improve people’s lives want to integrate this action into their everyday lives. They don’t want any of the heavy emotion and imagery that comes with traditional charity. So the key is to ensure our brand has the right balance between demonstrating the aspirational and visually engaging triggers, while also demonstrating the unique proposition of like-for-like giving. With the evolution of our One brand identity and the refreshed range of packaging we have gone some way to get that balance right. I believe we can be more than just another brand of toilet tissue because – let’s be honest – who wants to just be a loo roll brand?


Annika Small, director of internet safety body Nominet Trust, asks: How will you use the internet to increase public awareness of the causes that One funds in Africa, and the impact that people can make by getting behind One?

AS: We use social media extensively to highlight the issues we are tackling and share the impact the One Foundation is making. We use our own website, our own YouTube channel, and Facebook and Twitter to share a range of content. We have almost 250,000 fans on Facebook, so the challenge for us is to not only double the number of fans in 12 months but to develop ongoing engagement of those fans.


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