Marketers and CEO objectives misaligned

There is still a disconnect between the priorities of marketers and the boardroom, according to new research.


More than half (51%) of marketing departments don’t work to a revenue target, and a significant minority (42%) are unaware of which campaigns return better sales performance, despite citing revenue growth as the CEO’s top priority.

Brand awareness and customer satisfaction were found to be the two least important priorities for CEOs after revenue growth, profit and lead generation.

The findings are part of a survey carried out by marketing agency Eloqua. One hundred marketers were polled at TFM&A.

The value of marketing in the boardroom has long been the subject of debate. Last week, Mars global marketing capability officer Jenny Ashmore spoke to Marketing Week about the importance of marketers being tuned into how the business achieves topline growth, not just relying on creative ideas.

Read the Q&A with Jenny Ashcroft


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