Marketers are failing to get in on cinema act

I was surprised to learn that marketing directors aren’t considering cinema as part of their media priorities this year (“Marketers are targeting new customers and forsaking old”, MW 10 September), particularly as it is resonating so strongly with consumers at present.

Not only were the first six months of this year the most successful for seven years in terms of cinema admissions, but cinema advertising is constantly coming up with new ways to engage and enhance the entertainment experience. This year, for example, mobile operator O2 launched the world’s first 3D cinema game.

For marketers to ignore cinema seems to me a very odd decision.


EVouchers are a hit

Marketing Week

The article “It’s a coupon revolution” (Marketing-, 8 September) raised some interesting views on the future of online vouchers in maintaining consumer trust and providing a good return on investment for brands investing in these types of marketing activities.

Begin the fightback against the supermarket own-brand

Marketing Week

UK brands have a real battle on their hands to retain market share as recent research suggests that consumers will favour premium own-brand goods over branded goods after the recession (Threat of own brands continues as economy recovers,, 24 August).


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