Marketers, are you a ‘chief, champion or coach’?

Marketers are more likely to fall into driven and extroverted personality types such as ‘chiefs, champions and coaches’, according to new research by marketing recruitment consultants Stopgap.

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In a survey of 2,500 marketers, more than half (54 per cent) fell into just three of the 16 main character types. Some 23 per cent can be described as “chiefs”, 19 per cent as “champions” and a further 12 per cent as “coaches” (see box below).

All of these personality types include characteristics such as being “highly driven”, “natural leaders” and “built to manage”.

The three main types of marketer:

The Chief – a natural leader, confident, authoritative, direct and goal-orientated.

The Champion – built to manage, set targets, marshal resources and make sure the job is done – on time and within budget.

The Coach – highly driven, people-focused, articulate and great at juggling masses of activities – the glue for a team.

Less driven and more introverted character types are under-represented in marketing, as are the less team-focused, according to Stopgap

The research also found there is very little difference between agency and client-side marketers when its comes to personalities, although on the client side marketers are more likely to fall under more logical, pragmatic and analytical personality types.


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