Marketers downgrade TV packages to save costs

Half of marketers have amended their satellite television subscription packages this year.

Fifty per cent of marketers responding to a Marketing Week online poll say they have dropped elements of their satellite subscription package from any supplier this year with the other 50% saying they have made no change.

With the economic downturn showing little sign of an uplift and consumers looking to trim their household budget, it’s not surprising that many might be looking at cutting their entertainment spend. On the other hand, BSkyB reported that it had signed up an extra 80,000 new customers in the first quarter to take its total to 9.31 million.

The results come as Irish broadcaster Setanta has been put into administration. Deloitte is handling the winding down of the GB operation. The administration places a question mark over the future of marketing director Tim Ryan.

Last week, Setanta missed The Premier League’s deadline to make a further £10m payment. This has resulted in ESPN acquiring the 46 live top-flight games that were due to be shown by the broadcaster next season, for an estimated £90m.

Satellite subscription broadcasters have also come under pressure from the continued success of Freeview. A campaign starring Alan Carr and chef Gordon Ramsay for its Plus box helped boost sales of Freeview boxes by 12.2% pre and post Christmas.

Have you dropped any elements of your cable or satellite subscriptions package this year?


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