Marketers given a say in BBC and C4 output

Channel 4 and the BBC have launched initiatives to enable their marketing departments to take into account consumer insight and ideas earlier in the programme-commissioning process.

Channel 4 has set up a “creative strategy group” to bring together heads of commissioning and senior marketers to discuss creative ideas about programming and scheduling. Director of strategy and development David Brook has been given the new title of director of strategy and marketing. He will co-chair the group with director of programmes Tim Gardam.

The group forms part of a drive by Channel 4’s new chief executive Mark Thompson to persuade the channel’s editorial teams to take “big creative risks”.

The BBC is also experimenting with giving marketing greater input in commissioning. Charlotte Fuller, who has worked previously on marketing at BBC2, will lead a six-month pilot scheme, focusing on factual and learning output. The aim is to use consumer research to improve creativity in scheduling and programming decisions.


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