Marketers have the worst teeth

How many ads have you seen where the focal point, whether it’s intentional or not, is someone’s gleaming white smile? Lots? Then why is it that marketing is Britain’s most plaque-prone profession, according to research by Orbit Complete chewing gum?It would appear that the bustling creative lifestyle is just too busy for oral hygiene. Out of the marketers questioned for the research 38% do not floss and 22% never use mouthwash, despite all the ads for such products.

All those boozy lunches and media shindigs don’t help. The research uncovered that 54% of marketers drink “regularly” (in this case defined realistically as “more than three times a week”). Smoking also causes oral harm, and 24% of you do that.

Commenting on the re-search, the top dentist from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Professor Jimmy Steele, recommends that marketers not only brush their teeth regularly (presumably more than three times a week this time) but also chew sugar-free gum. Like Orbit Complete. Which just happ-ens to have conducted the research. Funny that.


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