Marketers leaving data to go to waste

Data collection and customer engagement is being touted as the “prize asset that marketers are chasing” from promotions on Facebook ( FacebookComps) but our 25 years of experience of promotions and competitions teaches us there is often a major difference in reality.

We gather hundreds of thousands of names, personal information and contact details each year on behalf of customers as part of the fulfillment process for fixed-fee promotions yet less than 5% of clients ask for the databases let alone use them. What’s shocking is that it’s these very companies that are spending vast sums elsewhere on acquiring addresses and data to build better customer relationships and loyalty.

Unless marketers are going to make good use of the data they have at their fingertips then there is little to no point acquiring the data in the first place.

Philip Penlington, director


Olympic efforts

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Mark Ritson’s latest column reignited the debate over the value of Olympic sponsorship, the lack of creativity displayed in some of the associated campaigns and the appropriateness of some of the key partners of London 2012. Read the original column here and see comment extracts below. I would like to raise three points with you, […]

Luxury brands never win from going mass market

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When a luxury brand goes mass market or to a co-brand, the winner is the retailer that has convinced the brand custodian to reduce quality, size, price and margin in return for pie-in-the-sky promises that rarely work out. Too often it has the opposite effect to Mark Ritson’s example of the Missoni and Target tie-up […]