Marketers matter more than ever – Marketing Week is your voice

Marketing’s influence is bigger than ever. Few other roles have the depth and breadth of responsibilities. From the big strategic challenges to issues of execution, Marketing Week promises to serve all your content needs.

You as a marketer have one of the most important jobs in your company. Sure, there’s a robust case to be made for the finance and operations directors, the HR and company secretary; but none of those roles have the influence a chief marketing officer and their team does internally and externally.

The sheer volume of what a marketer is tasked with illustrates their sphere of influence. From the huge strategic challenges of product and service positioning, customer experience, employer branding and purpose, through to the coalface business of execution of media and promotional activity, nobody in the business is required to have their fingers in that many pies.

It wasn’t that long ago that marketing was seen as pure-play execution, delivering the plan that had been set on the top floor in a c-suite that marketing wasn’t even invited into.

Although many companies still believe marketing to be about execution (indeed our award winning columnist Mark Ritson argues there is a risk that tactics are trumping strategy with many marketers), they are dwindling in number. Marketers – edified by the explosion of data, emboldened by their own resolution to think business strategy first and the realisation that no one in the business can lay claim to the same ability they have to truly own the customer – are now front and centre when a company’s growth strategy is being set.

Marketing Week understands this. My promise to you as editor is that we will continue to cover all that you do, all that you are. All you need to know about the big strategic challenges and opportunities offered by technology and data; all you need to know about the changing dynamics in accountability and effectiveness of campaigns; all you need to know about the best way to deepen the relationships you have with internal stakeholders and the changing nature of the partnerships you have with agencies and other marketing services suppliers; all you need to know about career advancement and capability.

The nuts and bolts of marketing will not be forgotten either. We understand that there are as many marketers looking to extract more from tight resources, whose day to day is as much about maximisation of tried and trusted communications delivery methods as it is about the shiny and new.

And it will continue to be illustrated by the marketers and brands leading the way.

In short, we are your voice, your eyes and ears. Whether content is delivered though, social channels, our weekly magazine or branded events, we are committed to illuminating your world and helping wherever and whenever we can to enable you do your job better. We care about marketing, we know about marketing. We are committed to delivering content for you, about you.

This is not a blind commitment to being wholly uncritical, however. Through news, analysis and the opinions of our award winning columnists, we will highlight bad practice and challenge received wisdom where appropriate. You can learn as much from what’s gone wrong as you can from success stories.

I write all of this now as this week marks the end of what was historically Marketing Week’s great rival – Haymarket’s Marketing Magazine, which will fall under the Campaign “power brand“. It is not for me to comment on the decision of a rival publisher, indeed our columnist Mark Ritson has already done so at length.

What it has done is leave Marketing Week in an enviable and privileged position – the only title left in the UK 100% committed to serving the content needs of client marketers. With our provenance, standing and connections we can fulfil your needs.

The job of the marketer and the part that marketing plays in the success of organisations is bigger than ever. Marketing matters, Marketing Week matters.



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