‘Marketers missing out by ignoring brand sound’

Marketers are missing out on opportunities to develop an emotional connection with consumers by failing to optimise sound in their marketing communications, according to a sound branding expert.


The overwhelming majority of marketing budgets are being spent on visual communication at the expense of developing a “brand voice”, says chairman of The Sound Agency Julian Treasure.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Radio Advertising Bureau in London earlier this week, Treasure said the music used in stores or in advertisements, the tone – formal or informal – used by sales or service staff and other “sonic assets” are key to driving “emotional” decision making in consumers that builds affinity, rather than the “rational” decisions that visual stimuli prompt.

“Many non-conscious decisions are made on the basis of sound”, he adds, “it is a quick way to emotion”.

Staff, as well as consumers, will benefit from a better defined brand sound, Treasure continued. Open plan offices, for example, can generate noisy workplaces and impact productivity.



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