Marketers ‘motivated by interesting work and business contribution’

Marketers put the greatest stock in their own contribution to the success of their employers and are more motivated by interesting work than any of their operational colleagues but fall short of other departments when it comes to hours worked.

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This is the picture drawn of the average marketer in a poll of the working lives of marketers and other professions by recruitment consultant Robert Walters.

Asked about the key motivators that inspire them in their jobs, almost three quarters (71 per cent) of marketers answered “interesting work”, markedly ahead of the next group, HR, on 54 per cent.

Indeed, inspiring and challenging work trumpets remuneration. Just a shade over half (52 per cent) of marketers say pay is a key motivator compared with other, more money-driven professions such as project management (74 per cent) and those in financial services (62 per cent).

Marketers are also the most confident their contribution makes a positive impact to the bottom line of a company, a fillip to those arguing that marketing needs to define its work in terms of business strategy.

A huge 93 per cent of marketers confidently stated “their personal achievements affect the success of the business” – the biggest number answering yes and ahead of procurement and sales both on 90 per cent.

Despite demonstrating an admirable confidence in their own worth and being motivated by factors other than money, marketers appear to be more nomadic in their pursuit of motivation. Sixty-five per cent of marketers are changing jobs every three years on average, the survey found, much higher than IT (52 per cent) in second place.

They also work fewer hours. Just a fifth (21 per cent) said they worked 50+ hours compared with 55 per cent of those describing themselves as project managers, the profession working the highest number of hours.

Robert Walters polled 1,150 people across 14 professions. Of those, 144 were marketers.



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